guidelines to be the Visitor

  1. The Visitor enters the daily life of complete strangers.
  2. This person is found by chance for instance on the street.
  3. The Visitor creates a relation with this unknown person by joining as much as possible of his or her personal life.
  4. The Visitor tries to understand this stranger by doing what he or she does.
  5. The Visitor doesn’t talk but listens and creates a relation almost like an animal: by just being there.
  6. Finally the Visitor tries to adapt a foreign life as if it was his own.
  7. During the whole time a camera is present.
  8. Though the Visitor might be always in the picture, the visitor is not the protagonist but a red file, a tool, a mirror.
  9.    The Visitor is not about dating anybody. The visitor is not about annoying anybody. The visitor is never about making fun of anybody but a quest towards the other.
  10. The camera is no intruder and should not be hidden
  11. Nothing is staged, the Visitor is about letting things happen and finding ways to initiate them
  12. Use a second person for the camera. As long as you stay involved, you can try to be the visitor as well as the camera for instance by filming on your mobile phone.