how it works

Go out on the street. In a complete unknown city. Or in a city you know, but at places where nobody knows you. Have a person with a camera follow you. Contact people on the street. People sitting somewhere. People busy with something.  Don’t harass them. Be sensitive. Try to make clear that what you want is to get to know them. Go away if they don’t want to. Be patient. Don’t get frustrated. It will take time to find your way to be the visitor. It will take time to find someone to attend. Remember that also a single encounter can be really rich. Try to come back to places where you observed someone coming regularly. Try to find a person who might like someone who attends him or her. Lonely people. People with time. People with a longing to be seen, to be recognized. Find your own way to address people without talking. When you talk you need to explain yourself. But the magic of the visitor appears beyond explanation. By communicating instinctively, universally, poetically. Instead of asking questions, you get to know someone by attending his or her everyday life. Join it as much as he or she lets you in. Do what this person does. If this person sleeps on the street, sleep on the street. Try to share more and more of the life of someone you found this way. See what happens then between you and that person. Be extremely sensitive to this very specific relation. It will be totally unique. Let it happen. This is your dramaturgy. Have the camera record every moment.  Don’t meet when the camera is not recording. Don´t meet outside of this special universe that only exists because you never talk to that person before, while or after filming. Don’t film if the people don’t want you to. The camera needs to be exactly as sensitive as the visitor. They are the same.