the idea

The Visitor is for now one single movie, we want it to become a movement. “Be the Visitor” invites artists and filmmakers from all over the world not only to adapt our method but to develop it. We invite YOU to be the new visitors, to find your way to break the walls of modern city life and to create unique stories. Send us your material, your scenes, your experiences. Your films and written stories will be published on our website and create a platform for exchange.

The most exciting videos we get will be shown as supporting movies before The Visitor along its premiere in German cinema in 2015!

We envision a whole new movie created of episodes of the visitors from all over the world.

What is the Visitor?

As the visitor you follow or contact strangers in the streets. You try to enter and attend foreign lives in a very sensitive, unaggressive way. You never talk. You create a relation with random strangers beyond explanation. While doing so you are being filmed by a second person with a camera. What unfolds out of that specific encounter is neither staged nor written.